Analytica 5.3 beta Release Notes/Changes in 5.3.1

This page lists all changes in the beta build 5.3.1 that have occurred since the previous beta build 5.3.0.


  • Updated the icons used for *.ana files and for the application itself on the Windows task bar to be the newer logos.


  • Enhancement: Added an option to the Step line style that enables you to control where the step transition occurs. Previously it stepped only at the midpoint of adjacent data points. Now you can step immediately after a data point (left), at the mid point (Mid) or just before each data point (right). A new option, Where steps transition appears on the Graph Setup dialog.

Built-in functions

  • An enhancement was added to StepInterp to enable you to find the nearest point to your datum.
    • Previously, an optional «leftLookup» boolean parameter let you lookup either the point before (left) or the point after (right).
    • «leftLookup» was replaced with an optional parameter named «use» that takes the values 'Left', 'Nearest' or 'Right'. To control tie breaking, there are also options 'NearestL' and 'NearestR'.
    • Although «leftLookup» is now hidden, it still works (for backward compatibility).
  • GetArrowsOnDiagram was including arrows into/out of a module when it should not have -- specifically, when the Diagram Style has arrows to/from Modules turned off.
  • GetArrowsOnDiagram was including an extra arrow from a variable to its alias when both were in the same module.


  • A function parameter with the qualifier Index expects an index identifier -- either a global identifier or a local alias to an index. However, if you pass a handle to and index to an index parameter, Analytica doesn't complain since what you intend is unambiguous (e.g., a local declared via MetaVar..Do or Local..Do instead of LocalAlias..Do. However, it was discovered that array parameters declared as having the index did not array abstract correctly. This was fixed.
    • The fix to this bug also fixed a memory corruption and crashing bug


  • Fixed a crash that occurred from: Resize node, Ctrl+Y, undo (i.e., undo resize).

Command line parameters

  • Unrecognized command line parameters to Analytica64.exe put the application into an odd state.

Example models

  • The Bond model background was displaying as white instead of legacy gray.


  • Upgraded the licensing libraries to Reprise Software's latest v13 release.
  • Fixed an odd and incorrect error message when a license was bad, where it reported "This module uses features that require Analytica Professional" when Analytica is first launched.
  • In a beta build, the "»Add license from *.lic file" option incorrectly reported that a beta license is required (in fact, the beta release accepts an active, non-beta subscription).

Intro screen

  • The search wiki feature wasn't working correctly when your wiki credentials weren't entered. It was appending the letters "Null" to your query.


  • Case where a cell pasted into Excel in Suffix format when when it shouldn't have (Excel doesn't understand Suffix).
  • When copying a certain module (with lots of nodes inside), numerous message boxes (errors) were being reported that should not have.
  • Copied Null cells were pasting into Excel as Null instead of blank cells.

Node class styles

  • The font for an user input or user output node doesn't inherit from the FormNode class (it inherits from its original variable). So the Node Style dialog, when used from the Default Node Styles settings page, now hides the font settings when changing the Form Node default styles. Also, when multiple nodes are selected include the FormNode class and you change the font, it reports this fact that the font is not applied to the FormNode.


  • In a large table, selected body cells were missing the dark blue border that is supposed to surround the selection.
  • Fixed a situation in which the index for an edit table is changed, which an error in the new definition. During this bad state, the user edits the table in textual view. When the index was fixed, the table lost track of the index length.
  • When you paste special linked there are certain errors that lead you to cancel or just do ordinary paste without a link. In these cases, the OLE link list would show the link you didn't actually make. In these error cases a fix prevents that happening.


  • When a User Input node depicted a single cell of a table, using SubTable, and that single cell was a MultiChoice, the multichoice control in the user input node didn't work right -- changes didn't take, didn't display correctly, and also sometimes caused Analytica to crash.

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