Analytica 5.2 beta Release Notes/Changes in 5.2.8

This page lists fixes/changes in Analytica & ADE beta build 5.2.8 since the previous 5.2.7 beta build. We expect that this will be the final 5.2 beta build before the official release of 5.2.

For what's new since 5.1, see What's new in Analytica 5.2?


  • New library added: "OnGraphDraw annotations". Includes functions that you can use in OnGraphDraw to plot Tukey bars, plot error bars, put text labels on points in the graph, plot range bands, and plot solid range bands on a bands plot between symmetric percentiles.


  • A crash when attempting to OLE link into a list. (The option to link should not have been enabled, since this isn't supported).
  • When copying from one table to another with headers selected, we added a cancel button to the question box asking whether you want to copy the headers.


  • A hex number (or binary number) didn't parse when it appeared in the default value of a function parameter.
  • Fixed a deadlock that caused Analytica to hang during a value assignment (the := operator) when some of the cells contained parsed expressions or other esoteric data types, and the copy was being processed on multiple threads. The end-user reported it hanging during a spreadsheet import.

Expression assist

  • When you declared a local using = instead of the correct := assignment, i.e.,
Local x = 5;
instead of
Local x := 5; { the "correct" expected way }
the expression assist would stop suggesting autocompletions in subsequent code, since the unexpected syntax confused it.

Enhancements to built-in Canvas drawing functions

  • Added a new optional boolean parameter named swapXY to the built-in CanvasDraw* functions. When set to true, it uses the «y» and «height» parameters for the horizontal and the «x» and «width» parameters for the vertical. Simplifies OnGraphDraw code that wants to adjust drawing when the user has enabled the SwapXY graphing option.
  • Enhanced CanvasDrawText to return the text extent (width, height, x, and y), this giving you a way of measuring text. Also, added a new optional parameter measureOnly with returns the extent without actually drawing it.
  • CanvasDrawPixel was missing from the Definition menu. (this function existed already in 5.1).
  • Added "ColorSequence" to GraphFillerInfo and populated in for the color role in OnGraphDraw so you can access the stored custom color sequence.
  • Added a way to access the slicer positions from OnGraphDraw. These are encoded in the info local slots corresponding to the new OnGraphDrawItem elements "SlicerPositions", "SlicersAtTotal", "SlicersAtAll", and "DepictedIndexes".

Enhancements to other built-in functions

  • Added a new optional parameter named getFrom to the NumberToText function. When you supply it a handle to another existing object, it uses the saved number format for that object.

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