Analytica 5.2 beta Release Notes/Changes in 5.2.3

This page lists fixes/changes in Analytica & ADE beta build 5.2.3 since the previous 5.2.2 beta build.

For what's new since 5.1, see What's new in Analytica 5.2?


  • Work (in progress) on pasting of header labels into tables when using the new XML spreadsheet format. When to decide that row/col headers should paste when source data selected them.
  • When copying internally between two tables in the same instance of Analytica, Paste Special showed other formats but didn't use them.
  • The « » characters weren't showing up when copied into Excel.
  • Row/Col totals in table that has NaNs were copy/pasting into Excel as NAN, not as displayed in Analytica.
  • NANs within cells weren't copy/pasting to Excel as #DIV/0! as they should.
  • Copying a control from a table cell in one instance of Analytica to table cell in another instance copied as text rather than as the control.
  • Bad message about cell selection when pasting into a selected region smaller than the copied region


  • For x:=I Do changed to use a "pure" local for x when I has its MetaOnly index set, same as Local x[]:=I Do.
  • x[I=u] := v changes a cell that should not have been changed. u & v share an index.
  • Extended slice assignment to work with a domain index, e.g., a[Domain of De1 = De1] := x
  • Deletion of button doesn't invalidate Att_FixedOnChange for variables that run button from their OnChange attribute.
  • Some fixes to the MakeJSON function when a schema was used. Fixed an internal error, and added additional control over which indexes become objects or arrays when the source array has 2 or more dimensions.

Error Messages

  • When an error occurred in an OnChange expression, and when you selected [Edit OnChange] in the error dialog, it jumped to the wrong attribute.

Expression assist

  • The domain functions (Continuous, Boolean, Discrete, Integer, etc) are no longer listed in advanced expression assist for variable definitions. They only show up when editing a Domain expression, or a UDF in Advanced.

Index Chooser

  • Enlarged the index chooser dialog size so you can see more items in the list.
  • Added support for Up, Down, Right, Left, Page Down and Page Up keys to browse the list via keyboard.
  • Added support for Ctrl+Y to view the identifiers (formerly you could only see titles).
  • You can now type the name you want, and as you type, it will jump to the index(es) beginning with those letters. For example, type Ou and it will jump the Outage index. This makes is much easier to find the index you want when the list is very long.

License roaming

  • When the roaming period expired (for a floating license), it would report "your license has expired", which was confusing. Changed to report "your roaming period has expired".

Other GUI

  • New Analytica logo on the Splash/About screen.
  • Two text boxes in Graph Setup were missing their right border.


  • Manual changes to column width wasn't sticking for a comparison index column.
  • Was unable to set the number format in a ProbTable
  • Table display became distorted when an index was changed to zero-length.

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