Analytica 5.1 beta Release Notes/Changes in 5.1.5

This page lists changes in the beta build 5.1.5 that have occurred since the previous beta build, 5.1.4.

Built-in functions

  • MultiChoice was change so that when no «n» values are listed and «allowNone» is false, it now treats this as if ALL options are selected.
  • Size(A) returned the wrong value when «A» has more that 4 billion cells.
  • Sped up MdTable in cases of extreme sparsity.
  • Sped up @[I=x] (when «x» is an array).
  • Fixed several cases when indexes were dropped from an array when one of the indexes has zero length (and hence, the array itself has no cells).


  • When a local variable is nested in an expression passed to a parameter declared as Unevaluated, the value for that local variable is now passed in, so that if that expression is later evaluated in a different context where the local variable is no longer in lexical scope, the result is valid.

Cell-level formats

  • Local variables declared outside of the CellOnClick previously could not appear in the expression in a CellOnClick. Now they can (a pass-by-value closure).

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