Analytica 5.1 beta Release Notes/Changes in 5.1.3

This page contains fixes in the 5.1.3 beta build since the 5.1.2 beta build.

Notable enhancements

  • An unparseable expression can now exist in an edit table cell. For example, it may have a syntax error, unrecognized identifier, etc. When it is unparseable, the cell appears with a red background, and of course an error will result if you attempt to evaluate the variable.
    • Formerly, if you made a typo while entering an expression, it would add quotes to make it text. This meant you had to remove the quotes when fixing your typo. Now you can just fix your typo.
    • If you set the Entry Type to Text only or Text and numbers only, then this doesn't apply, since your entry will be saved as text. So if you want to be able to enter text without explicitly typing quotes, set the entry type.
    • This also served as a fix for a bug (or series of bugs) that occurred when an object or objects whose identifiers appeared in expressions in cells of an edit table were deleted. Things would get out of sync, with several glitches resulting. Now, the expressions remain, but are just invalid.
  • You can click on the items in a graph key to hide the corresponding curve on the graph. This is especially nice when two curves are exactly on top of each other -- it enables you to hide the top curve to see the one under it.


  • Fixed a bug with Max( a*b, I, J, K) that caused it in some cases to return an incorrect result, with an extra index (one of the I, J, or K indexes didn't get reduced).
  • Added DensNormal, DensLogNormal, CumLogNormal and CumLogNormalInv as built-in functions. Hence, for these, it is no longer necessary to add the Distribution Densities library. Included a fix to DensLogNormal that sometimes returned negative values.


  • When you select a row or column header, and then open the Cell format dialog or Number format dialog by right-clicking on the table, it previous used the location of your mouse to determine whether to default to "applies to headers cells" or "applies to headers and body cells". This has been changed to "applies to body cells only in all cases.
  • In 32-bit Analytica only, extremely small numbers were displaying in a corrupted form, such as 0.000@.
  • Fixed a hanging bug in ShowProgressBar
  • Added an option to configure the Attribute pane to open to Definition by default, instead of Description. This is a user-preference -- you can configure it for your computer, and it will persist next time you open Analytica or use other models. It is not saved with your model, and doesn't change the experience for other users. To change it, press F12 to open the Typescript window and type:
  • Fixed a bug in which a graph with a bar origin came out blank -- axes but no bars plotted.
  • Fixed a bug in Find-in-table in which a time-consuming search could not be interrupted by Ctrl+Break.
  • The order of items in the Help menu has been changed.
  • Fixed a bug in which an "out-of-range" error was not appearing after entering a value into a user input control that was not within the range of possible values specified by the Domain.

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