Analytica 5.0 beta Release Notes/Changes in

This page contains changes in Analytica 5.0 beta build since the previous beta build (

  • in bar charts with Enable bar outlines turned off, a slight one-pixel overlap between adjacent bars has been eliminated, and the outline around the items in the key has also been turned off.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred in some cases when closing the Analytica application while a computation was is progress.
  • Fixed a problem in which an error message didn't show up to the user in an error dialog (the reported case was within a WhatIf).
  • Added a new built-in function, WriteImageFile.
  • CanvasContext was not correctly building on existing context (when the first parameter is the result of a previous call to CanvasContext).
  • Added system library Canvas drawing functions to the Definition menu. See Drawing images.
  • Added CanvasDrawPolygon.



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