Analytica 5.0 beta Release Notes/Changes in

The following page lists changes in beta build since the previous build.

Example Models

  • Simplified the Tornado Analysis example model, by changing it to use the Sort by data spread feature in Analytica 5.0. This feature makes it really easy to set up Tornado charts, making almost all the "work" required previously unnecessary.
  • New example model: Polygon Calculator, located in the Engineering examples folder. Demonstrates a use of OnChange to synchronize inputs in a user interface.
  • New example models folder: Fun and games, with these new models:
    • Find Word Game.ana: See how many words you can find in a random tray of letters. For Analytica Enterprise and Optimizer users -- click on any word to see its definition.
    • Probability assessment.ana: A trivia game with a twist. The objective is to do a good job estimating your level of uncertainty.
    • Fractals everywhere.ana: Monte Carlo that produces a graph of the Barnsley fern.

Built-in functions

  • The Gaussian function is now a built-in function (previously it was in the Multivariate Distributions library).
    This eliminates a cyclic dependency that arose when you use the result of Gaussian() in the computation of SampleWeighting. This false cycle impacted the Prob. of Gaussian Region.ana example model.
  • MultiChoice controls can now appear in a MultiTable or Table.
  • Fixed some round-off cases with Sequence, where it would sometimes miss (or incorrectly) include the final value in the sequence. It can now use FixedPoint numbers in most cases where the step and start have fewer than 6 decimal digits, and all numbers in the sequence are potentially fixed-point numbers (fewer that 6 decimal digits), which eliminates all numeric round-off.
  • DbQuery would return the previous record's value in a date-field when the record's date value is null in the database.


  • A graph option has been added to suppress the outlines drawn around bars in a bar chart.

Cell Formats

  • Cell formats weren't being applied to a scalar input node textbox of for a SubTable variable (alignment, entry type, cell-specific number format).

Model Saving and loading

  • Fixed a bug where the character "²" would change into "≤" when a model is saved an reloaded. Occurred only when your model contained no other Unicode characters.



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