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The following page lists changes in beta build since the previous build.

  • Fixed an intermittent but fairly frequent crashing problem. It was timing related, so not reproducible. This fix has been a big improvement to stability.
  • Fixed problem related to multi-threaded evaluation that caused Analytica to hang when evaluating Exp, when the thread needed to issue a warning.
  • Fixed a problem where "Table(K)(...)" appeared inside of result table cells, instead of the result being indexed by K.
  • Fixes to the Distribution Densities Library. CumUniform() was wrong past «ub» and added CumBeta and CumBetaInv to the library (these are alias of the built-in functions BetaI and BetaIInv, but follow the naming convention used by other analytic distribution functions.
  • Added the Keelin MetaLog distribution, and its related analytic distribution functions DensKeelin, CumKeelin and CumKeelinInv. Plus a data fitting function KeelinCoefficients. This is a new and highly flexible continuous distribution (first published in Nov 2016).
  • Added the UncertainLMH() distribution, and its analytic distribution functions DensUncertainLMH, CumUncertainLMH, CumUncertainLMHInv. This is a function you can use when you want a smooth, continuous distribution by specifying symmetric percentiles, such as 10-50-90 percentiles. It can be used for bounded, unbounded and semi-bounded distributions. The actual distribution is the Keelin MetaLog Symmetric Percentile Triplet distribution.
  • Removed a warning from ChanceDist about the probabilities not summing to 1 when you simply specify 1 for «p». For example, ChanceDist(1, Outcomes) can conveniently be used for specifying a uniform distribution over the items in Outcomes without having to worry about the warning.
  • Fixed a crash that was caused when a button script assigned an empty definition.
  • Fixed an infinite recursion problem within the UI that could occur when a Check attribute is used and a certain combination of windows is open.
  • ShowWindow(x,'Graph') was showing the result table (at least in some cases).

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