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This page lists changes in Analytica and ADE build 5.0.14 beta since the previous 5.0.13 beta.

Cell-level formats

  • Cell-format and number format dialog would take a very long time to appear in gigantic tables with cell-level formats.
  • DashDotDot border style didn't offset correctly in the vertical direction, so that it often didn't show as DashDotDot when cell heights were short.


  • Added the ability to copy an image from a table cell and paste it into a diagram or external program as an image.


  • The ODBC library didn't handle table names correctly. The User-Defined functions there didn't recognize multi-level table names, such as dbo.[My table]. Instead of forming, e.g., [dbo].[My table], it formed [dbo.My table], which didn't work.


  • Enhanced arithmetic operators (+, -, *, /, ^) to avoid computations when it can figure out from the evaluation context that the result will be ignored. This speeds up evaluation in some circumstances, but more importantly it avoids a problem that was causing the error "Cannot use + to concatenate two text values" to appear when it should not have appeared (because text should not have been added together).
  • Mod(x, y, pos) didn't work correctly when an array was passed for pos.
  • The Mod function now uses fixed-point arithmetic without any round-off error when x and y are both fixed-point or integer numbers. It was doing non-integer cases using floating-point arithmetic, which is subject to round-off error.


  • A graph that used a value (rather than an index) for the color role was showing the wrong number of distinct colors.


  • "Function Index" link added to the Help menu.


  • The "Unrecognized identifier" parse error has two options: Edit Definition and Create Variable. Create Variable had been the default option (if you just press enter instead of clicking on a button). Changed this to make Edit Definition the default.
  • Fixed a case in which the output from a previous typescript window command appeared in the error message box for an error that occurred later.

Object Window

  • The Domain attribute is now shown for Time, in the same manner as for other user variables. (I.e., always present in the attribute panel pulldown; visible in the Object Window when enabled in the Attrbutes dialog).

OnChange / OnClick

  • Since the result of OnChange and OnClick isn't used, it now avoids collecting the final result, which can save time and in some cases avoid some errors.


  • ADE was unable to find the installed Gurobi. It was looking in the wrong registry hive.


  • There is an experimental feature for internal Lumina testing in ACP, in which SpreadsheetOpen uses a different method to launch Excel. We have several ACP applications that integrate with Excel, and have had a lot of problems with Excel's instability adversely impacting other parts of the server. This feature is not yet exposed outside of internal Lumina testing. Note: This experimental method is used only if turned turned on in a special registry setting, so if you are using ADE without this setting, your app will be using the original method.

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