Analytica 5.0 beta Release Notes/Changes in 5.0.11

This page lists changes in build since the previous build

Cell formats

  • Fixed a case where cell-level formats stopped displaying when a self-index was changed while the table was visible and the edit was terminated with Ctrl+R.

Built-in functions

  • Added a new built-in function, CloneObjects.
  • Added a new optional parameter, «noMapError», to Aggregate.
  • WhatIf(y, v, x, I) where the «I» parameter is specified, was producing an incorrect result.
  • Flatten() and Unflatten() were not honoring the order of the specified «resultIndexes» correctly.
  • MdxQuery was not working when the result is a scalar with no indexes.


  • Intermittent crash when dragging an input node to a MultiTable when a source Table is not fully parsed/unflattened (like it if has never been viewed since the model was loading).
  • Sluggish redrawing of diagrams and sluggish responsiveness when a user input node to a MultiTable is present, and a source Table of that MultiTable has not been unflattened (which means it hasn't been directly viewed or accessed since the model was loaded), and the table is very large to the point where unflattening takes a noticible amount of time.
  • Icon buttons on user input/output nodes did not scale properly when node font size was changed (especially when an extremely large font size is used).
  • When dragging a node from one diagram to another, where snap-to-grid is one in one and off in the other, it was using the wrong diagram's setting (i.e., the setting for the source diagram, rather than the setting for the target diagram).
  • A user input node loses fill color when it should not, after viewing the Node Style dialog.


  • It was not allowing an element of a local index to be selected as the Bar Origin, where the local index is the key of the graph.


  • The Escape or Return keys now close the Help / About dialog.
  • On a class selection pulldown in the Object window or Attribute panel, the option text is now "Linked module" and "Linked library" instead of just "Module" and "Library".


  • This build now used Frontline's new 2017 solver release.
  • The add-on engines (Gurobi, Knitro, LSGRG, LSSQP, LSLP, XPress, OptQuest-32-bit) are now bundled with the Analytica and ADE installers, eliminating the need to run a separate EngineSetup program and tedious installation steps. To use these with Analytica already installed, you'll simply need to activate a license for them. Please note that these add-on engine licenses are not included with the Analytica Optimizer edition and cost extra.
  • About a dozen old bugs in our bug base involving a crash during optimization, or an "Internal SDK error", are now fixed as a result of the new solver library.
  • OptEngineInfo('All',...) now lists only those engines that have a valid license.


  • Could not print the Outline using Print Reports... with the All Objects option.


  • When viewing expressions in an edit table that has a cell-level check attribute or a domain with the legal values, the expression for a control like a choice was being flagged as invalid (because the expression itself was not in the list of allowed values).

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