Analytica 5.0 beta Release Notes/Changes in

The following page lists changes in beta build since the previous build.

Model loading

  • When a space exists in a model file between a function name and the opening parameters paren, the Parameters get dropped during model open. Also, if you added a space before the first paren of Parameters and save, the problematic space appears in the model file.

Cell Formats

  • Keyword Self did not work properly in several cases from inside the Cell Format Expression attribute.


  • With the Bare Icon button style in a diagram style, there was no indicator that an output node/button was selected from Browse mode.


  • A crash when setting the Domain to Copy to Index
  • Expression Assist enabled when editing the Domain expression.


  • Table gets shuffled, and intermittent crash, after drawing arrow to an index node and then re-ordering the index elements.

Error messages

  • When an error occurred from a UDF called from an OnChange event, was jumping to the OnChange attribute when asked to Edit Definition, instead of to actual point of the error.
  • Incorrect error message that shouldn't be an error when a constraint node is das a self-indexed table.



  • Sort by data spread wasn't working when graph has no key index.

Gradient nodes

  • Numerous minor UI glitches pertaining to gradient nodes and the GradientOf and WithRespectTo attributes.
  • When the list of constraints to DefineOptimization is computed (as is sometimes done when you have a UI to select which subset of constraints are to be active), the implied dependency from a Gradient Node for a constraint to the DefineOptimization node was missed. Hence, a chance to the Gradient definition didn't invalidate the optimization formulation as it should.

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