Analytica 4.5 beta Release Notes/Changes in

This page lists some of the notable bug fixes and changes in beta build that have occurred since For things that are new since 4.4 see What's New in Analytica 4.5?


  • A few bugs involving mishandling of certain special characters.
  • Minor updates to when pasted text is quoted.
  • Fixed bug when time-of-day values are copy-pasted, in which some displayed as date-time values afterwards rather than just time-of-day.
  • Several bugs related to copy-paste to and from MultiTables.


  • Text typed into text node doesn't display initially.
  • When drawing arrows from variables to/from lists, some problems relating to identifiers within cell expressions not getting automatically commented and uncommented when they should.


  • Fixed a small and rare issue related to numeric round-off, in which for example (0.8*10)*x and (10*0.8)*x produced slightly different results with slightly different round-off error for certain real values of x.
  • Fixed inconsistencies relating to the comparison of complex numbers. You cannot say that 1j<2j -- complex numbers are incomparable. Made several adjustments to comparison operators and functions like Max to reflect this accurately and clearly.
  • When a date format (display numbers as dates) is active, changed it so that the components of complex numbers are not shown as dates. 30-Sep-2013 + 10-Aug-1992j would never make sense.
  • When using A[I=J] on index J longer than I, no warning is issued anymore in 4.5. When J was a local index, the warning was still showing.

File Saving and Loading

  • Improved handling of cases when object collisions occur when adding or merging a module or library. In particular, when the collision involves distinctly different object types, it is clear without asking the user that these should be kept distinct -- never merged. So appropriate renaming occurs more seamlessly.
  • When path to Libraries directory was too long (for a non-default install location), linked libraries were not being found automatically and Add Library... was not opening to the correct directory.
  • The titles of user-defined attributes are now saved. This becomes visible when the title and identifier of the attribute are different, which is particularly common with non-English names that contain non-roman characters.


  • The Assignment operator, (A:=B), which sets a table definition when used from a button script when B is an array, now preserves the table type. So if the table was a DetermTable, the assignment no longer changes it to a Table. Note: If your intention is to change it to a Table, then assign it to be Null first, then do the assignment.
  • Assignment and slice assignment not preserve controls in tables. If an edit table contains Checkbox or Choice cells, and you change the value of the cell from a button script to a value that appears in the Choice or to 0 or 1 for a Checkbox, the existing control is preserved in that cell, but is changed to select that value.


  • When number format is set to Integer, some fractional tic marks get labeled incorrectly. For example, a tic corresponding to 0.1 was labeled as 0.


  • A license could not be activated on a Mac running Analytica under a virtual machine, configured in such a way that there were no apparent hard drives on Windows (e.g., no C:\ drive). This was present only on, not 4.4.
  • If you receive an alert while using Analytica 4.4 that a new release of 4.5 is installed, and you install 4.5, the alert in 4.4 is automatically cleared so you don't have to check "Don't show me this again" when using 4.4.


The MultiTable is a new experimental (not official in 4.5) feature.

  • Read only and computed cells now have a light gray background, giving indication that they cannot be edited.
  • Read only cells are not red-highlighted when they fail the Check of Domain constraints. (Because you can't edit them)
  • Changes were not sticking in a MultiTable with multiple cells containing slice, subscript or SubTables to the same source table.

Object Window

  • Several oddities and extra error message boxes when a domain contains an invalid expression. Small visual layout changes.
  • Fixed some problems in which the caret was off slightly, not perfectly between adjacent characters as it is supposed to be. The presence of certain non-visible Unicode characters elsewhere in the text would cause this to happen. There were also cases without special characters where the caret was in the wrong place, for example at the start of the next line when it should have been at the end of the previous line. There were also some subtle problems with setting the caret position with the mouse, when you were clicking within the first pixel or two at the very beginning or very end of a line.
  • When you have the Cell Default turned on in the Attributes... dialog, the attribute will now be shown in the Object Window and Attribute Panel when the definition is empty or not yet parsed. Previously it was shown only when the definition was already a table. This makes it easier to set the cell default before creating the table, so that the initial cells are initialized as desired.
  • The units field was selectable and editable for certain object types that it didn't make sense for, and for which the Units label didn't even appear (for example, system variables).
  • If you set the definition to a non-Self Choice using the function finder, a domain attribute would unnecessarily get created.


  • This build has been upgraded to Frontline optimizer v12. Thus, it inherits all fixes and improvement from Frontline since their v11 release. Consult Frontline resources for a list of these.


  • When a result table is showing all dates, the Number Format dialog now opens to the date option.


  • Certain non-US keyboards were not working with Analytica when typing Unicode characters. For example, keystrokes from Russian or Thai keyboards where not being recognized. Support for these (and other languages) was added.
  • Scrambled Unicode characters showed in a couple places in the UI (crash recovery dialog, Bring Window To Front).



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