Analytica 4.4 beta Release Notes/Changes in

This page lists fixes in beta build since the previous beta build For major enhancements since 4.3, see What's new in Analytica 4.4?.

Analytica Cloud Player


  • CATable::GraphToFile was returning true when the destination directory was read-only and the operation failed.


  • More intelligence about when to include quotes around text and when not to when copy/pasting. A bit more of this will also be in build
  • Diagram images are now copied to the clipboard in PNG and Bitmap formats. Either can be pasted into Microsoft Office apps. As a convention, the PNG diagrams use a transparent background color (so you can overlay them on other content on your power point slides), while the Bitmap images retain the background color. Use Paste Special... from Power Point or Word to select if you prefer the Bitmap. The EMF format has been removed because the quality of the EMF images was not satisfactory.
  • The OLE Links dialog has been substantially improved. Windows 7 introduced a bug (impacting all applications that used this system dialog) in which the text overlapped and was unreadable. This build introduces a totally reworked dialog that provides information about which edit table uses the link, and is thus subtantially more useful.

Influence Diagram

  • Restored the bevel around buttons by default.
  • The Right-mouse context menu when hovering over a button provides several options (like execute it or edit the script).
  • You can now customize what is displayed in Description balloons in totally arbitrary ways (with the entire Analytica expression engine available for arbitrary logic).
  • Some minor one pixel adjustments to node heights and widths to make sizes consistent.
  • When a variable is renamed, its node would sometimes become too narrow when the model was not using ClearType fonts.
  • Fixed a bug in build in which parts of arrows did not redraw as nodes were moved.
  • On some monitors, the dot pattern on the background of an influence diagram would be faint when scrolling the window.
  • Fixed an infinite redraw that occurred when a certain linked module as missing and a Choice relied on a computed index.


  • As a convention, array functions should ignore Null values when computing their result, and should return Null when no non-Null values are in the array. The following functions did NOT do this previously but now do:
    Note: This has a small potential of breaking legacy models that relied on the former erroneous result.
    This change also impacts the result when these functions are applied to an array with a zero-length index, since of course a zero-length array has no non-null elements.
  • Correlation and Covariance functions can now compute their result when Null values are present in the arrays, ignoring those items where Null is present. For the moment these still return NaN when they are underconstrained (fewer than 3 data points).
  • Linked libraries would often think they had been dirtied immediately after being loaded, even though nothing had been changed. This would cause it to want to save.

Expression Assist

  • Some identifier completions scrambled letters or included extra letters.
  • Removed NaN from standard view and Clipboard from advanced view.
  • Improved treatment of handle terms by the index-label suggestion popup when handles appear as index terms. They appears as Handle(x) and paste as such also into the expression, so that the expression is well-formed. The identifiers are not displayed twice (previously they would display twice because they were an index value, but also an object in the namespace that could be used as part of a computed expression).
  • Table indexes are suggested for variables defined as tables, even if the variable hasn't yet been evaluated.

Spreadsheet Functions

  • In a certain situation, SpreadsheetOpen would repeatedly ask you to find the *.xslx file when it couldn't find it. It wouldn't allow you to cancel when it didn't exist.
  • The local index that provides the list of sheet names when you use SpreadsheetCell with sheet:"*" was renamed from .Sheets to .Sheet. This feature is new to 4.4, so it is just a twiddle on the earlier beta build.

File Saving and Loading

  • The "Save everything in one file by embedding linked modules" option now appears on the Save a Copy In... dialog from Analytica Professional.


  • The date-aware autoscaling now knows about quarters. Previously if your number format was e.g., 'Q'q-yyyy, it would sometimes scale the axis in increments of 2 months (which is a nice round date increment), but this produced poor placement for tick marks when only the Quarter component of the date was shown. Now it will limit the ticks to 3 month multiples when the date format displays quarters, but not months.
  • Fixed a couple cases in which the data point balloon appeared in the wrong location.

General GUI

  • The right-mouse context menu now has a Reorder option from the list view. As always, you can drag the items to reorder them, but many people didn't realize that was possible, so this makes it a bit easier to find the feature and see the shortcut.
  • The keyboard shortcuts where added to most right-mouse menus where applicable.
  • Users name was not displaying on the splash and about screens.
  • Changes to the Prob Bands and/or Statistics settings on the Uncertainty Dialog would sometimes not stick.
  • The "Printing" dialog would not go away after the operation had completed.
  • The node preview on the Node Style Dialog cut off some text because it was too short in height.
  • On some computers, the labels on the slider dropdown would vanish while mousing over the labels.
  • You can now change the font size used for definitions and the object window attributes from the typescript window (press F12) by typing:
    to restore it the default, type: AttributeFontSize:10
  • This is easier than the method in an earlier build that required editing a registry setting using regedit.
  • Parenthesis matching didn't work when an unmatched quote appeared within a comment in the definition.

Installer and Licensing

  • When roaming a floating license, the Update License... dialog text is a bit clearer about whether the roaming was successful and when the roaming expires. The information appearing there previously was hard to interpret.
  • False error message about not being connected to the internet when user was in fact connected.
  • Eliminated error about not being able to write the ASIFONT.FONT file when upgrading.


  • The diagram window background would turn white after printing or print previewing.


  • In some cases, following a crash, Crash recovery did not recover edit table splices correctly.
  • Append Column now appears on the right-mouse context menu when you have the last column header selected. (Same for rows and lists)
  • The right-mouse context menu options that formerly said Insert Cells now reads Insert Row, Insert Rows, Insert Column, etc., depending on what is selected.
  • Applying Redo after undoing a Delete Columns operation caused the edit table to become corrupted.
  • When editing the text in an edit table cell, the right-mouse context menu now includes an Add newline option (same as Alt+Enter).


  • When one button launched another button, and both buttons contained expressions with local variables, the local variables got confused (the buttons appeared to share the same stack frame, so that the first local in each button was actually the same local variable).
  • Tildes that appeared at the end of lines in a script attribute (or any other textual attribute for that matter) could not previously be saved in the Analytica model file format, and after saving and reloading the model, those lines would run together and your formatting of the script would be lost. The typescript file format had to be extended to allow these to be recorded in the file. (Hence, these will load fine when reloaded into 4.4, but they won't load properly into 4.3). Note: the XML file format did not have this problem.
  • The Show Object X typescript command now works for non-variable objects, including system functions.

Window Management

  • On a multi-monitor system, Analytica remembers which monitor it last ran on and opens on that same monitor.

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