Analytica 4.4 beta Release Notes/Changes in

This page lists fixes in beta build since the previous beta build For major enhancements since 4.3, see What's new in Analytica 4.4?.


  • When a non-default location for the install was selected, the installer wrote a single file to the default install location (none should have been written).

Graphical User Interface

  • The functions of the Yes and No buttons were reversed for the dialog during Add Module... asking whether to use the system variable settings from the loaded model, or to keep the current ones.
  • Eliminated a sluggish redraw of the edit-mode diagram background.
  • Eliminated several unnecessary multiple successive redraws of the diagram window.
  • Fixed several cases where computed results were invalidated after minor user-interface operations that shouldn't have invalidated them.

Result Windows

  • Results with comparison variables displayed originally with a Calculate button. You had to press the Calculate button an extra time to get the result graph or table.


  • Subscript failed to find the value in an index when the index contained only a single value, repeated for every cell of the index.
  • Problem where DefineOptimization inferred all-zero coefficients for LPs, where they should have been non-zero. Problem was related to the presence of an extrinsic index.

OLE Linking

  • Fixed a bug where Edit Source failed.

Crash Recovery

  • Crash recovery did not restore renames of user-defined attributes correctly.


  • It was not possible to rename a user-defined attribute via the typescript rename command. An error that the operation was not allowed was reported, when it should have been allowed.


  • A message box appeared on the system console (correctly) reporting an error when DbQuery was used to query a corrupted spreadsheet file from ADE. This was fixed to return an error to the calling program without any message box.
  • Small change to the StreamConnector class in the ADE examples avoids a compiler warning when used with .NET 4.0.

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