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This page lists fixes in beta build since the previous beta build For major enhancements since 4.3, see What's new in Analytica 4.4?.

This will be the last 4.4 beta build. We expect the official release of 4.4 to occur in the first or second week of January.


  • Added a border around the output node buttons, like Calc and Result, giving then a slightly crisper edge rather than the previous feathered appearance.
  • Fixed problems related to vertical centering of text in nodes in certain cases and when editing.
  • On some older slow computers, the little animation when you Ctrl+click on a node to insert its identifier into a definition was slow. Fixed this to adapt to computer speed to avoid this slowness.


  • Improved robustness of Analytica when handing and reporting a stack overflow error.
  • Implemented a warning when Sum, Product, Area, Variance, Skewness, Kurtosis, ArgMin, or ArgMax is applied to an array containing only Null values in a legacy model -- a model originally saved in 4.3. This case is one that could alter computed results when moving from 4.3 to 4.4, since 4.4 returns Null in these cases, and 4.3 returns various non-null (inconsistent among the functions) results. Note that the Show Result Warnings preference must be enabled to see warnings.
  • Added a new system variable, Sys_AllNullTreatment to control whether the previously mentioned warning is issued, which can also be used to enable the legacy 4.3 behavior if desired. Possible values: 0 = no warnings, 1=warn, 4=no warning and return what 4.3 returns.
  • Fixed a GDI objects leak

Expression Assist

  • Added a help stripe to the bottom of the expression assist popups. The stripe shows the hot key shortcuts (ESC=hide, Ctrl+space=Show, Ctrl+?=toggle on/off). A question mark icon allows you to hide/show the help stripe.
  • When you type A[I=, expression assist tries to show you the list of index values for I. A few changes were made in the case where I is an index when a very large number of possible values. It will now show up to 500 values, plus possibly the last 30 (previously those were 50 and 3). However, it limits the amount of time it spends matching index values to a few milliseconds so that in extremely large indexes (e.g., with millions of elements), it doesn't impede typing speed. This means that for really large indexes, it may not list all possible matches to what you've typed so far. Also fixed a problem where many entries would come out blank for really long indexes.
  • Refined the dragging/pinning of the popups further.
  • The autocomplete balloon now always remains in a focused state when visible, which means the first item will be selected immediately.
  • Made the defVal parameter in the expression assist parameter list for A[I=x,defVal:z] clickable.
  • Thin line to delineate scrollable region when a function has a long description.
  • Increased the interior margin within the autocomplete popup.


  • In a certain case, a graph would display as a line graph, but Graph Setup reported it as a bar chart. This happened when the X-axis index was set to a discrete domain with type Numbers only, and the graph was configured to select the default graph setting (i.e. no chart type had previously been selected). This was made to be consistent.
  • When copying nodes, chart axis settings (like include zero) for exogenous variables would often get dropped in the copied node.

Object Window and Attribute Panel

  • Can clear domain by setting back to Automatic
  • When converting a list of numbers to a Choice definition, it would erroneously convert the domain to a list of labels.

Publish to Cloud

  • Corrected a problem in which a person with two group accounts was blocked from uploading a model using the Publish to Cloud... command.

Window Management

  • Set Window Animation to Off by default. This animation when opening and closing windows works well on most computers, but was found to cause redrawing problems on some computers which we finally gave up on for the time being. You can still turn it on from typescript by typing: AnimateWindows:1. If it works well on your computer, consider doing so. It is very useful when giving a demo -- makes it much easier for someone else to follow what you are doing.


  • Augmented ADE Reference Guide with permission settings guidance under IIS 7.5.


  • When running the installers with Windows 7 set to large font DPI settings, many of the installer screens were unreadable with text appearing in the wrong places (especially so for 150% DPI or higher). This has been corrected.
  • When you move the install location by rerunning the ADE installer and selecting a different destination directory, there were a couple files that didn't get removed from the original location.


  • Added mention of help balloons in Tutorial
  • Adjusted preference dialog screenshot and description. Standardized on terminology Help Balloons.
  • Added information about new 4.4 extensions of SpreadsheetRange and SpreadsheetCell.
  • Refined the What's new in 4.4 section of the UG.
  • Numerous small bugs and typos fixed throughout the UG.
  • Added documentation for LocalAlias..Do and MetaVar..Do in UG

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