Analytica 4.4 beta Release Notes/Changes in

This page lists fixes in beta build since the previous beta build For major enhancements since 4.3, see What's new in Analytica 4.4?.


  • Upgraded to Frontline's latest Solver SDK (previous was v10, now SDK v11).
    • Note: If you have any v10 add-on engines (e.g., Gurobi, LSLP, etc) installed in 4.4 beta, you'll have to update these to v11. Some registry twiddles are required for this, contact for assistance.
    • The SDK upgrade has eliminated several known crashing bugs during optimization, and several known "SolverSDK: Internal error" bugs.


  • Node size would grow incorrectly when given a title.
  • Solid ghost image of node when dragging node from toolbar.
  • Diagram fonts were too big (and inconsistent) when using a Windows 7 larger fonts setting.

Expression Assist

  • You can drag the Expression Assist popup windows to somewhere else on your screen and they will become pinned there, appearing in the same place each time. Click the pin to unpin so that they follow your cursor again.
  • When unpinned, the assist popups avoid overlap with the definition pulldowns (definition type, inputs, green check, etc).
  • In the function parameters assist, when you over over a parameter name, an underline and cursor change provides visual feedback that you can click on it.
  • The word "Description:" no longer appears in the function parameter/description window.
  • The yellow background of expression assist has been replaced with a dull gray/white background.
  • When you are typing a comparison to an identifier within a value context, in certain cases Expression Assist can now show you the possible values that you can compare with. For example, if you've typed:
    If A=
and the values of A are readily available without requiring expression evaluation, the possible values of A will appear in the autocomplete popup.

Built-in Functions

  • Fixed a bug in which the DetermTable function was producing an incorrect result in Sample mode in a particular model.
  • Fixed a bug with SubTable that caused values to revert when two single-cell SubTable input node to the same master table were used.

Function Finder

  • There were several cases where you view the Function Finder on a definition, change nothing but press OK, and it would re-write your definition. Function finder will now leave your definition as is if you don't change anything.

Window Management

  • Background windows now refresh as you drag/move or resize a window that is on top.


  • When you copy or rename variable nodes, graph axis settings for exogenous variables were being lost.

Uncertainty Settings

  • Addressed a confusing user experience when viewing a discrete distribution result (Prob. mass or CDF). Uncertainty settings would come up in the PDF/CDF pane, which contains settings that control how a continuous distribution is displayed, which has no effect on the discrete result currently being displayed.


  • Changed how Page Down and Page Up work when browsing large tables. When you've scrolled (via the scrollbar) away from the current selection. Previously, Page Up or Page Down would jump back to the selected region. Now they continue from the scroll point.


  • Changed PNG graphs (from CATable::GraphToStream or CATable::GraphToFile) to include a background, rather than transparent. This is because Windows does a horrible job drawing anti-aliased stuff on transparent image backgrounds. The solid background makes it look much better.

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