Analytica 4.4 beta Release Notes/Changes in

This page lists fixes in beta build since the previous beta build For major enhancements since 4.3, see What's new in Analytica 4.4?.

Expression Assist

  • Expression Assist does not add an extra opening parenthesis if one already exists.
  • Expression Assist handles Dynamic contexts more intelligently.


  • Fixed issue with very large tables not scrolling all the way to the end.
  • Tables do not clip a pixel of the text being edited in a table.

Animate Window

  • Added a feature to control Window animation feature. Type Sys_AnimateWindows : 0 to turn window animation off and Sys_AnimateWindows : 1 to turn it back on.
  • Fixed an issue which caused a window to leave artifacts when closing.

Slice using local index

  • No need to specify the Variable name when specifying a local index to slice a variable. E.g. A[A.I = 1] can now be written as A[.I = 1]


  • Graphs with line-style squared, area fill and stacked options display correctly.

Object Window

  • Pressing Esc does not advance focus to the next control.
  • Fixed an issue that displayed an erroneous warning when setting Cell Default value to Undefined
  • Object window buttons do not clip the button labels below the baseline.

List of labels

  • Deleting text of an item from a list of labels now changes it to and empty string, ,instead of '0'.


  • Fixed issue that caused the Typescipt window to draw itself on the Diagram window.
  • Fixed issue that caused the Typescript prompt to get clipped.

Diagram window

  • Moving nodes around dont leave being artifacts.

Choice input nodes

  • Fixed a crashing bug caused when a Choice node is defined as a Domain of an index and an input node is created for the Choice node.
  • Fixed issues when a Choice node is defined on Self and an input node is created for it.


  • Fixed a crashing bug caused when memory use exceeds 2GB on a 32-bit Windows system.

File Handling

  • Fixed a crashing bug caused when trying to open corrupted Analytica models.

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