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This page lists changes and fixes in the Analytica and ADE beta build, since the previous build.


  • When the intrinsic indexes of a decision node is left unspecified, the inference algorithm introduced in incorrectly made dimensions found in the definition of the decision into extrinsic dimensions. Now it ignores these dimensions, which means you can have a parametric dimension in the definition for use in a non-optimized usage of your model, which doesn't cause a useless array abstraction over optimizations.
  • You can now specify All or All in «module» for the «decisions» and «constraints» parameters of DefineOptimization. When you do this, DefineOptimization uses all decision/constraint nodes in your model (or in the indicated module), and adapts as new decision/constraint nodes are added or removed.
    • Objects downstream from DefineOptimization are not included. There is one remaining glitch, targeted for the next release, in which decisions downstream of DefineOptimization may cause a cyclic dependency to be reported when they are parsed after the DefineOptimization is parsed.


Message Boxes

  • Fixed some glitches in the background of message dialog boxes in Windows 7, in which the gray stripe didn't extend all the way to the right edge.
  • There were some message box dialogs that did not show up with the Windows 7 stripe appearance (such as warnings and edit definition?), which now have that appearance.
  • Message box dialogs in Windows XP now have a Windows 7 like appearance, with a stripe (usually light blue, but depends on your Windows appearance settings) around the buttons area.
  • Fixed message box elements to adapt correctly to changes in windows settings for font size/face.

Error and Warning Messages

  • Warning messages now have hyperlinks into the Analytica Wiki.
  • Eliminated a case where a syntax error was reported twice when you pressed the green "accept definition" check button.
  • When an evaluation error occurs in a UDF called from a button script, several changes were made to the error message presented.
    • In some cases, extra stack frames that should not have been there would appear. Fixed.
    • It provides more specific information about where the error occurred.
    • It shows both the id of the button invoking the function, as well as the function where the error occurs.
    • It jumps to the definition of the UDF where the problem was detected, rather than to the button's script.
  • Some error messages in UDFs called from button scripts would list a call stack that included extra stack frames that should not have been there.
  • When exiting a model and Analytica asks if you want to save changes and you answer "yes", then change your mind during the Save dialog and press cancel, it now returns to the model without closing the model rather than exiting without saving.

Domain Attribute

  • The Continuous and Integer views for the domain attribute now allow entry of upper:INF and lower:-INF without having to go to expression view. (Note: entering INF or -INF bounds is functionally the same as leaving the field empty).


  • In Analytica, 0^0 should evaluate to 1, and now does so consistently. Previously, in some cases, it was evaluating to NaN.
  • Functions Dydx and Elasticity now suppress domain bounds warnings while evaluating.

Licensing, Installation and Upgrades

  • Some alerts that a new build were being displayed even after the build had already been installed. This may have been a result of running earlier builds/releases after installing.
  • Upgraded to Reprise Software's most recent v.9 release.


  • Added the CARenderingStyle::HandleFormat=3 option to cause ADE methods to return identifier text in Sentence_case (first letter capitalized, all others lower case), rather than in CamelCase.
  • Added an interface, currently experimental, called IAMsgBoxCallback, and a method CAEngine::SetCallbackObject. A program that uses ADE can utilize this to display message boxes in its interface when the MsgBox function is called from an Analytica expression.

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