Analytica 4.3 beta Release Notes/Changes in

This page lists changes and fixes in beta build that occurred since


  • Inference of unspecified intrinsic indexes for decisions. When you create a decision variable and leave the Intrinsic Indexes unspecified, DefineOptimization will perform a WhatIf-style analysis of the constraint nodes and objective to automatically infer the appropriate intrinsic indexes for decision nodes. If any downstream constraint node or objective eliminates an index that exists at the decision variable level, then it is inferred that the model operates over that dimension, and hence, that the index should be an intrinsic index.
You never have to use this feature -- you have full control over which indexes are intrinsic by simply specifying them in the Intrinsic Indexes attribute. However, this feature will generally infer the correct dimensionality even if you forget to do so.
  • Ability to view internal information for «LP», «QP», «NLP», etc., by double clicking on the cell in the result table for your node defined by DefineOptimization. (Warning: Don't click on this for extremely large but sparse «LP»s or «QP»s -- the views retrieved are dense and thus could be huge!)
  • Correct handling of sparse matricies of linear or quadratic coefficients. Even when the linear coefficients induced by DefineOptimization were sparse in the previous builds, a dense matrix ended up getting passed to the solver engines due to a bug. Now it gets passed as a sparse matrix as desired.
  • OptSolution, OptShadow, OptSlack, and the other functions that retrieve the solution to an optimization now return «null» when no feasible solution is found. These same functions also have an optional parameter added, «passNonFeasible», which you can specify as True if you want the "best" but still infeasible solution reached by the solver engine, e.g.
OptSolution(opt_def, Price, passNonFeasible: true)
  • When the optimizer looks for add-on engines, it looks for registry settings first in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER hive, and secondarily in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE hive. Previously it looked only in HKLM. This change makes it possible to install an add-on engine from a non-admin account.
  • Several minor changes and fixes to the result returned from the OptInfo(..) function.
    • OptInfo(optDef,"All") returns a result containing all internals of the problem (same thing you get when you double click on the «LP».
    • Some error messages had poor or incorrect text when parameters were bad.
    • Some cases fixed where a bunch of blank cells were returned.
  • Several error message fixed that incorrectly indicated that the mistake was in the LpXXXX function (the old-style name) when the function called was actually the newer OptXXXX function. (In 4.3, the older convention that all optimizer functions start with Lp has been changed so that they now all start with Opt).

Dynamic evaluation

  • In a certain complex model, a dynamic loop did not get labelled correctly, resulting in an incorrect message about a dynamic loop cycle that did not really exist.

Bounds Checking

  • Fixed a bug in which Out of bounds warnings (value not in domain) were missed when you displayed a result table before pressing the green "entry" checkmark button after entering a definition.
  • The same thing happened when a value entered violated the Check attribute and Ctrl+R was pressed before the green check (or Enter) was pressed.


  • A new chapter, Sharing models with others, has been added to the Tutorial. The chapter contains a tutorial of using the Analytica Web Player.
  • The list of example models in Chapter 9 was updated -- resynchronized to what is actually there.


  • Items in result tables that can be double clicked to hyperlink to something else are now displayed in blue. These include handles, references, optimization problem definition objects,
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't select the 256th font (or greater) when more than 256 fonts are installed on your system.
  • URL links into the Analytica wiki now link to rather than Both currently go to the same location, but the former should be preferred in the future.
  • When a «ref» cell appears in a Sample Result view, double clicking no longer reports that the dereferenced result is not indexed by run.


  • Fixed a bug in which the Analytica 64-bit installer did not successfully retrieve a beta tester license automatically.

Example Models & Libraries

  • Big Mac attack updated to utilize structured optimization
  • Fixed a bug in the Prob_ChanceDist] function in the Distribution Densities library.


  • The Update License... dialog no longer displays ever time you start Analytica free Player.

Engine & Built-in functions

  • The assignment operator was fixed to work correctly when the array contains a reference to an implicitly indexed list.

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