Analytica 4.3 beta Release Notes/Changes in

This page lists changes in beta build since build

Fixes in this build are all pretty minor, but in the direction of improved stability. Some of these impact specific users who discovered bugs.


  • Fixed a problem where Analytica's internal clipboard could become unsynchronized with the system clipboard. The situation would occur when a buggy or rogue application other than Analytica corrupts the system clipboard viewer chain, thus suppressing the "clipboard contents has changed" notification from the operating system.


  • Occasional crash when closing a model
  • In MemoryInUseBy (performance profiler) when text value is Tex_NULL
  • Crash encountered when running SEDS on XP involving very complex Dynamic loop.
  • Possible fix for intermittent crash reported by Todd White, involving DbWrite with very long SQL statements.

Incorrect results

  • Size() returned the wrong results when applied to parsed expressions.


  • Stray cell remained highlighted in edit table when clicking on checkbox to clear previously selected range.


  • Parsing of extremely long text literals (quoted text within an expression) was very slow. Noticible when these literals had on the order of 10M or more characters. Much faster now.

Example Models

  • Added "Ideal Gas Law.ana" to the Engineering examples

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