Analytica 4.2 beta Release Notes/Changes in

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This page lists changes in since beta build This is a patch build that we issued immediately following the announced release of 4.2.0 when a high-severity bug was discovered. The first bullet is the primary fix, the others shown are all very minor.


  • (High severity) Nearly all syntax errors were not being reported to the user when a definition was entered.
Main reason for the patch release.
Also, it was returning the expression up to the point of the syntax error as the parsed definition, making it seem like it parsed okay.
  • A certain syntax error wasn't being reported, and was being parsed incorrectly. This one has actually been around since the beginning of time. Occurs when If-then-else follows a partially parsed expression. For example:
5 If a then b else c
The 5 would be lost -- should have reported a syntax error. Particular bad in this case:
If a then b else c If d then e else f
Again, that should be a syntax error (perhaps a semi-colon is desired before the second if), but was being parsed as (If a then b else (if d then e else f))
  • Number format dialog for a choice node defined on a different index wasn't initializing with the correct number format for the node.
  • After running out of memory, the close-Analytica option wasn't functional.
  • The ADE 64-bit was storing some settings in the wrong registry hive, and as a result, not finding the license after it had been activated.
  • The news command text updated to include "64-bit" in the edition description if applicable.
  • Optimizer.pdf: Registry path appearing in Optimizer guide, section on installing add-on engines, was still showing "Analytica 4.0" -- corrected to be "Analytica 4.2".
  • "%salesUrl" was appearing in an error message on the Licensing Dialog, where it should have been

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