Analytica 4.2 beta Release Notes/Changes in

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Build was the first 4.2 release build, but was quickly replaced with the As far as we know, only a handful of people downloaded this build before the patch was ready.

Final Release

  • The "Beta" flag was removed, to make this an actual release, and not a beta release.

Manuals and Docs

  • The End-User License Agreement (EULA) for Analytica and ADE was updated for 4.2 and the new licensing paradigms available with 4.2.


  • Textual changes to numerous items in the installer, for greater clarity.

Built-in functions

  • Enhancements and fixes to Area, Integrate and Normalize. These were updated to handle Null values. Also, they were changed to handle non-ascending x values correctly, whereas previous the result when x was not ascending was nonsensical. These were also modified to accepted named-parameter syntax. A slight numeric error in Area was corrected.
  • The Subscript operator, A[I=Null], changed to not issue an out-of-range warning. When the subscript is Null, the result is Null, without warning (unless the index actually contains the value Null, in which case the subscript would return the corresponding value).
  • The Sum function ignores Null values when summing. When all values are Null, the result is zero. There was a bug when the Show Result Warnings preference was on, so that if all elements were null, resulting from warnings such has subscript-out-of-range, the result ended up being Null, not zero. This made it appears as if the results would change depending on whether you started out with Show Result Warnings off, or with it on but pressed "Ignore Warnings" when the condition was encountered.
  • Fixed some problems related to the reporting of ODBC driver errors during a failure to connect to a data source. It would report "cannot obtain error from driver" - now it should retrieve the error -- and there may have been intermittent crashes associated with displaying that error.
  • ReadFromURL was stripping query string parameters during a POST operation, making it impossible to pass parameters on both on the URL and in the HTTP message body (post parameters).
  • When Concat(A,B,I,J) creates a .K index, the index values should come from the original indexes when possible. When A was not indexed by I (i.e., constant over I), that was not happening.


  • Parsing of very large numbers (overflow numbers), such as 1e+400, changed. They now parse, but are essentially INF. These were causing a parsing error, so that if they were present in a table, the table would not parse. Also, overflow numbers were being treated as the largest number, 1e+308, rather than INF.
  • The Assignment operator wasn't dealing correctly with implicit indexes based, when the assigned value was dimensioned by a Var..Do pseudo-index.
  • Variables on the left-hand side of an assignment operator were not being updated correctly when the variable was renamed. Also, arrows from such options (when arrows from UDFs is on) now point away from the UDF to the object assigned.


  • On a multi-monitor system, where the secondary monitor is taller than it is wide, with Analytica running on the secondary monitor, windows would stagger until they would eventually open outside of the visible region. That would usually force you to exit and restart Analytica after about an hour of use.
  • When the screen resolution, or multi-monitor configuration, is changed while Analytica is running, it now adapts to the new size, resolution and geometry. Previously it would get confused (remembering the old geometry) and it would sometimes be impossible to drag nodes past an invisible boundary after one of these changes.
  • In an edit table, browse mode, the way in which checkboxes and choice pulldowns in cells display when a cell is selected was altered slightly.
  • Shift-Click extends table selection, now even when you shift-click on a cell with a control.
  • A syntax error would be reported if you attempted to move it while it was in the process of being copied.
  • When a form node was selected, the Uncertainty Settings... was not bringing up the dialog for the selected item.
  • Multi-line index labels would overlap unacceptable in the Index Selector's preview pane.
  • Eliminated a crash that would occur when you attempted to Print or Print Preview when there was no default printer available. Some of these options are now disabled in that case.

Example Models

  • New example model, "Abstracted Subset.ana" added to function examples.
  • "Continuous Distribution Examples.ana" had been stored with a sample size of 5 -- not very illustrative.


  • Improved reporting of specific causes of licensing errors.
  • Running ADE.exe from the command line with no parameters now brings up the licensing dialog, same as "ADE.exe /RegServer".

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