Function AnalyticaLicenseInfo

Returns information about the current Analyica user license.


AnalyticaLicenseInfo( item : text )

where item can any of the following values:

  • "Expiration": 0 if the current license has no expiration date. Otherwise, returns an integer date, which can be formatted in Date number format to view the expiration date.
  • "PurchaserID": A number identifying the organization that the license was issued to.
  • "UserID": A number indicating the user license within the organization.
  • "Optimizer": True (1) or false(0), indicating whether the current license includes optimizer.
  • "Beta": True or false, indicating whether this license is for beta-testing.
  • "Educational": True or false, indicating whether the current license is for academic use only.

See also

  • AnalyticaVersion
  • AnalyticaPlatform
  • AnalyticaEdition


Anti-piracy of Models

I am a consulting company, and want to ensure that certain user-defined functions only run on Analytica copies owned by my client. Thus, I embed this line in the function:

 if AnalyticaLicenseInfo("PurchaserID")<>3197 
 then Error("This model is only licensed to run at Acme Inc.");
 { function body follows }

Where 3197 is my clients' purchaser ID. I then use "Hide Definition" (from the enterprise edition) and distribute a locked copy of the model.


Suggest that the Release number, Platform, and Edition be available from AnalyticaLicenseInfo, so that this will replace need for the system variables AnalyticaVersion, AnalyticaPlatform, and AnalyticaEdition.


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