Adding a dimension to a variable

  • Drag and drop another index node in the diagram
  • Type Year for the index title
Diagram Car cost1.1.jpg
Car cost Description.jpg
  • Type Year of ownership
  • Press Alt+Enter.
  • Select ‘Definition’ from the popup menu.
Car cost Definition.jpg
  • Select ‘List’ from the expr popup menu.
  • First cell is entered as 1, press Enter key twice to have 3 cells with appropriate nos.
List Year.jpg
  • Select Maintenance cost.
Diagram Car cost1.2.jpg
  • Click on the ‘Edit table’ button that shows on the attribute pane.
  • Click on the ‘indexes’ icon to bring up Indexes window
Edit table Maintenance cost.jpg
  • Double click Year from the index lists.
  • Press OK button.

Expected: Edit table of Maintenance cost is now indexed by Year for the columns and Car type for rows

Indexes Year.jpg
  • Click on column 2 row header small car
  • Change cell value from '1200' to ‘1500’
  • Press arrow down key, change this cell value from '2400' to ‘2.6K’ { to check the number formatting is recognized}.
  • Click on column 3 row header small ca
  • Change the cell value from '1200' to '1.7e+3' {Same number format issue}
  • Press arrow down key
  • Change the cell value from '2400' to '300000%'
  • Click the check button.
  • Ctrl+r to bring up result table of Maintenance cost

Expected: Result of Maintenance cost show the new changes on its cell values

Edit table Maintenance cost1.1.jpg

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