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  • A user {I.e an email address} can have only one Analytica Cloud Player (ACP) password at a time. If you change your ACP password say in your individual ACP account, this will also change your password in any Group account you may be a member of.
  • A new group account user with an existing ACP password {i.e. his individual account} will be sent an invitation email with instructions to use his current ACP password.
  • A new group account user who has no ACP individual account will be sent an invitation to ACP, and will be given a random password, which he will be given the chance to change when signing in to ACP for the first time.

Truncating large Tables

Because large tables take a long time to load in ACP, they are truncated. If the number of rows is larger than the number of columns than the number of rows will be truncated and vice versa.

Current limits are: Result tables 20K cells Edit tables 10K cells


This works as in Desktop Analytica except no icon is displayed MsgBox.


AskMsgText is fully functional in ACP,

ShowprogressBar in ACP

This feature was recently implemented in ACP and It should work the same as in Desktop Analytica with models that use the ShowProgressBar() function.

Automatic updating of text nodes on the diagram

The Msgbox() function is now supported in ACP. Documentation of this feature has been moved here for reference purposes.

Before ACP supported DTA's Msgbox() function, this was a way to change a text node to display a message.

Here's an example model Text node update.ana

Once the model opens in ACP, click the output node.

Text node update 01.PNG

This will call the function to change the text node's description if necessary, along with showing the result.

Text node update 02.PNG

You can toggle the text in this case by pressing the button as well.

Support scripting for "show definition x"

Not yet implemented in ACP 3

Here's an example:

  • Open ACP Show definition.ana in ACP 2:
  • Click on the edit table button {edit table should appear in the frame node with one column body}
  • Click on the Button (Now the edit table will update and now have three columns.)

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