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The ACP window size is determined by the window size of the main model diagram set in Analytica, with extra space used for the logo, title, and navigation tabs. If the ACP window is smaller than the actual model UI, by default ACP will not allow a user to scroll within the ACP diagram frame, but scrollbars can be enabled by setting the CloudPlayerStyles Attribute add_scroll_bars:Yes. If the browser window is smaller than the ACP diagram, the user will not be able to scroll to the parts of the UI that are not visible.

In certain browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, but not Firefox or Safari) users can use the zoom function to zoom in and out of the ACP diagram such that the whole UI will be visible. The Zoom feature typically has the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl and +/- to zoom in/out, or hold Ctrl and scroll up/down to zoom in/out. On a Mac, substitute Ctrl for Cmd/⌘. If shortcuts do not work, the Zoom feature can also be accessed directly from each browser's toolbar.

However, it is still good practice to design your ACP interface to work well inside a browser using a minimum screen resolution so the end user can see the entire ACP interface without having to scroll or zoom.

Maximum Recommended Diagram Sizes

For your convenience, here is a table that shows the recommended main diagram window size for the most common screen resolutions. The following table numbers are for users viewing ACP from a full-screen browser window.

Screen Resolution Tabs down the left Tabs across the top
1920 x 1080 1635 x 840 1905 x 810
1600 x 900 1315 x 660 1585 x 635
1366 x 768 1075 x 540 1350 x 505
1280 x 1024 990 x 785 1265 x 755
1280 x 800 990 x 555 1265 x 525
1024 x 768 735 x 520 1010 x 490

You should design to display resolution, which is not necessarily a screen's given resolution. Many browsers now use higher ppi (pixels per inch) so while their resolutions can be very large, their display resolutions will be much smaller. For example, Retina Macbooks have resolutions of 2560x1600 (13") and 2880x1800 (15"), but display at 1280x800 and 1440x900, respectively.

The recommended diagram window size depends on which navigation style you choose, Tabs down the left or Tabs across the top. Tabs across the top take up 30 pixels of vertical screen space and Tabs down the left take up 270 pixels of horizontal screen space.

Diagram Size in the ACP Style Library

For greater convenience, you can chose your desired minimum screen resolution from a choice menu in the ACP Style Library and it will automatically resize the main diagram window to the recommended size. This option is included in the Navigation styles section as Minimum Resolution. The default "Custom" option allows you to manually size your top diagram window.

Note that since the recommended size depends on the Navigation style (Tabs across top vs Tabs down left), if a Minimum resolution is selected and the Navigation style is changed then the library will automatically resize the top-level diagram window to accommodate this change.


The ACP diagram size is set using the module's diagState values. This can be found using the Typescript (Ctrl + ')command profile Module_Name. This will display a number of module characteristics, including diagState: x, x, x, width, height, x. The diagState numbers include the Analytica window scroll bars shown below, but they are not part of the viewable area -- only parts of the model contained in the viewable area (in the image the lighter gray area containing the grid) will be displayed in ACP.


The CloudPlayerStyle Attributes screen_width and screen_height do not size the viewable diagram but the entire Flash canvas. Setting these attribute values will not affect the ACP diagram size.

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