ACP2 Acceptance test script

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ACP2 Acceptance test script

This test script should be run after a new installation of the ACPBETA cubeplan instance. The Navigant instance will be added later, if necessary.


  • Need to find out how to add users to another, existing company. EG Add fbrunton to the sipmathgroup. Currently we can add a new user, but not add a company to an existing user.
  • The current license seems to only allow 15 users - we are at 14 now. Makes it problematic to start testing new users.

PG&E Framework Testing Steps Login Test across multiple companies On login, does the default company model open? { Not for kmullins, yes for ssavage and gye -- consistent with pre-update behaviour } Save copy of model Reload model Load ‘Define simulation’ dashboard Change in drop down selection (e.g., different Operating Area) causes dashboard to update (e.g., Number of failures changes) Load 'Define mitigation project’ dashboard Click asset on map to see if Info bubble text successfully pops up Click ‘Select asset’ in info bubble, to confirm event action does add asset to the list, re-loads the same dashboard Edit ‘Define mitigation project’, interact with map Set center. Change set center. Toggle ‘Center automatically’ Edit, commit text in the Project name box 'Save project' button 'Clear assets' button See that bars in Summary table (HTML correctly parsed) to display at all, have correct magnitude SCRAM, Create Dashboard button Delete all Dashboards button no longer produces the ‘Processing, please wait…’ error, but, all created dashboards are blank now.


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