ACP2 - Cubeplan

This page details various information about ACP2/Cubeplan.

ADE Upgrade Steps

If you need to upgrade your version of ADE, you'll have to follow the steps below to make Cubeplan utilize the new ADE installation.

1) Install new version of ADE
a. Download it at:
i. If that link does not work, go to: and download AdeSetup.exe (not Ana64Setup.exe that you see at the very top)
b. Run the executable
c. It’ll go through the installer; you should be able to continually hit Next/I Agree
2) Rename existing installation
a. Navigate to: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\ACPBetaAPI\bin
i. Your initial path may be slightly different (i.e. you may have installed it on a D:\ drive)
b. Rename Interop.ADE.dll to Interop.ADE.dll-for5.1
3) Insert new installation
a. Navigate to: C:\Program Files\Lumina\ADE 5.4\Examples\AdeTest\bin
b. Copy Interop.ADE.dll
c. Navigate back to: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\ACPBetaAPI\bin
d. Paste Interop.ADE.dll
4) Configure permissions
a. Press the Windows Key
b. Type in dcomcnfg and run the command
c. In Component Services, navigate to: Console Root -> Component Services -> Computers -> My Computer -> DCOM Config -> Analytica Decision Engine 64-bit Local Server 5.4
d. Right-click Analytica Decision Engine 64-bit Local Server 5.4 and hit Properties
e. Click on the Security tab
f. For each category (Launch & Activation Permissions, Access Permissions, Configuration Permissions) you’ll repeat similar steps:
i. Check the Customize bubble
ii. Click Edit…
iii. Click Add…
iv. Under “Enter the object names to select (examples):” type in everyone
v. Click Check Names
vi. Click OK
  • Under “Permissions for Everyone” check the Local Activation box under Allow
  • The Local Launch / Local Activation under Allow should be the only boxes that are checked
  • The Local Access under Allow should be the only box that is checked
  • The Full Control / Read under Allow should be the only boxes that are checked
x. Click OK
xi. Once the above steps are completed for all three categories, hit Apply and then OK

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