Open this wiki from Analytica

There are several ways to see how to link to this wiki directly from inside Analytica to find information about a function or feature .

Open wiki from the Analytica Help menu

Just open the Analytica Help menu, and select User Guide, Optimizer, Tutorial, wiki Home page, or Functions by category in your browser:

Analytica wiki from Help menu.png

(In releases prior to Analytica 5.0 the first three options open corresponding PDF documents instead of the wiki. )

Use the Find dialog to search the Wiki

  1. Open the Find dialog by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the toolbar, or pressing control+F.
  2. Type in search text, which could be a feature, function, or concept.
  3. Click the wiki button

It opens the wiki in your browser and searches for the text.

Right-click on a Function name

In the Definition of a variable:

  1. Double-click the identifier of a system function, say, NPV, to select it.
  2. Right click to open the context menu
  3. Select Wiki help on NPV to open its wiki page with a full description and examples:
Select function name, open right-click menu, and select Wiki help

Open Object view for a function from Definition menu

From the Definition menu, go down the menu hierarchy and select a function or system variable: Definition menu and submenu.jpg

Selecting the function opens an Object window like this one for Factorial:

Object view for Factorial function.jpg

Click the blue link Wiki help on Factorial(...) to open its wiki page.

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