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Compare Analytica features by edition

Analytica is available in the following editions: Free 101, Professional, Power Player, Enterprise, Optimizer, Analytica Decision Engine (ADE), Analytica Cloud Player (ACP) and Cubeplan. Below is a comparison of the features available in different editions.

Features Editions of Analytica
Free 101 Power Player Professional Enterprise Optimizer ADE ACP Cubeplan
Open models, change inputs, and view results
Create and edit models <101 objects
Create and edit large models (more than 101 objects)
No watermarking of printouts and images
Hierarchical influence diagrams
Monte Carlo uncertainty analysis
Intelligent Arrays
Procedural programming
Integration with Excel
Create interfaces for end users
General function libraries: Math, Array, Distributions, Special, Statistical, Text, Advanced math, Financial, and Matrix
Save browse-only models and hide sensitive model details
User-access control with permissions control at the module level.
Huge Arrays™ — dimension up to 100 million
Database access
Integration functions: RunConsoleProcess, text file read/write functions, COM object calls
Time and memory profiling
Optimization engine (LPs, QPs, NLPs) Option Option Option
Application programming interface (ADE User Guide)
Access models via a web browser. No software to install.
Interactive data cube interface to BI systems.
Usable from within Excel (CubeCalc)
Geographical display of info and results on interactive maps.

Analytica editions

Free 101: Allows you to build models with up to 101 user-defined objects (variables, indexes, modules, functions, etc), including the ability to create, edit and save models. You can also load, browse, change designated inputs and evaluate models having more than 101 user objects, but you can- not make changes to those models or save changes you changes you make to inputs. Includes the functions and features found in the Professional edition. As the name implies, this edition is free and may be used for academic, non-commercial and commercial use. See Free Edition for details.

Professional: Provides most features, including the ability to create, edit, and save models.

Enterprise: Offers all the features of Analytica Professional, plus support for Huge Arrays, reading and writing external data sources, running and communicating with other applications, profiling for analysis of computational effort by variable, and encryption (obfuscation) of sensitive model elements. See Analytica Enterprise, for details.

Optimizer: Offers all the features of Analytica Enterprise, plus the Optimizer Library that provides powerful solver and structured optimization methods, including linear programming (LP), quadratic programming, and nonlinear programming (NLP). Optimizer is available as an extension to Analytica Enterprise, Power Player, and ADE. See the Analytica Optimizer Guide for details.

Power Player: Lets you review models, change inputs, and view results, and does not let you create or edit models. Unlike the Free 101 edition, it lets you save large models with changed inputs. It also supports models that use Enterprise features, including spreadsheet and database access, Huge Arrays, and the Profiler. See Analytica Enterprise for details.

Power Player with Optimizer: As you might suspect, this adds the Optimizer features to Power Player, enabling you to run a model that was created with the Analytica Optimizer.

Analytica Cloud Player (ACP): With ACP, you can make any Analytica model accessible by the web. You can upload a model directly to an ACP server. You can email the URL to end users so they can explore and run the model via a web browser. They don't need to install any special software. They can run ACP from any Windows, Macintosh, or Linux machine that supports a web browser. Any Analytica user, even with Free 101, can set up a free ACP account. ACP Group Accounts support collaboration by letting multiple users in an organization set up shared folders with ACP.

Analytica Decision Engine (ADE): ADE runs Analytica models on a server computer. It provides an application programming inter- face (API) to provide access to view, edit, and run models from another application, including a web server. You can create a user interface to models via a web browser, so that many end users can view and run a model via the Internet. You need Analytica Enterprise as the development tool to create models to run with ADE. The ADE Kit includes a license for Analytica Enterprise in addition to ADE. See Analytica Decision Engine for details.

Analytica Cloud Player (ACP)

The Analytica Cloud Player, or ACP, provides a web site where you can upload and share your models with others. Models are viewed through a web browser, so that your colleagues do not need to install any software and can view models from non-Windows computers.

With active support, you are entitled to moderate usage of ACP free of charge on an individual account, with an opportunity to purchase additional credits when a greater usage load is required. Group plans are also available for collaborative project groups where saving of inputs and access control is required. For more information, see Analytica Cloud Player.

Cube Plan

The CubePlan system provides the Enterprise-wide deployment of Analytica-based models, with advanced access control, web-based access and model modification, collaboration, dashboarding, advanced charting facilities, and GIS integration. Unlike ACP, CubePlan servers can be deployed on client servers within the organization and integrated with other enterprise systems. For more information, see http://CubePlan.com.

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