What's new in Analytica 5.3?

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Analytica 5.3 is currently under development. The current release is Analytica 5.2. This page will eventually list enhancements and notable fixes in the 5.3 release. For now, it is under construction and may contain inaccuracies and is certainly incomplete.


Ctrl+X for Diagram Nodes

We are changing Ctrl+X paradigm for cut/paste of nodes between diagrams. The new paradigm is similar to how File Explorer works today. When you Ctrl+X on a node (or nodes), the nodes are not deleted from the model, but rather are marked for move. When you paste elsewhere, they move. We think this is much slicker.

WYSIWGY for text copies to external applications

(targeted -- implementation hasn't started yet)

Copy from tables to other applications that expect text will now be placed on the clipboard as the cells appear -- i.e., in the selected number format, not at full precision.

This won't lose precision when copying to Excel, since now by default, we post data on the clipboard in XML Spreadsheet format, which Excel prefers to text. In the XML Spreadsheet format, values are at full precision.

Built-in functions

  • Unique( ) has a new «condition» parameter.
  • A new function ConsolePrint, which prints to the typescript console, can be useful when debugging.
  • Added new built-in functions CumMin and CumMax

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