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When inside Analytica, there are several ways to link directly to a page explaining a feature or function in your default web browser.

Open wiki from the Analytica Help menu

You can open the Analytica Wiki home page by selecting Analytica wiki from Analytica's Help menu:

Analytica wiki from Help menu.png
The three top options in the Help menu, User Guide, Optimizer, and Tutorial, each open the selected document as a PDF from Analytica 4.6 and earlier. From Analytica 5.0, they open the same content in this wiki, as the Analytica User Guide, Optimizer, or Analytica Tutorial respectively. These online versions have several advantages over the PDF documents:
  • They contain numerous clickable cross-links;
  • you can search them all simultaneously using the search box at the top right of this page or from the Find dialog (ctrl-F) inside Analytica;
  • they are continuously updated; and
  • you can comment on them or improve them yourself in the wiki.

Right-click on Definition for Wiki help for a system function

To see wiki help for any function in a Definition:

  1. Select a function identifier, say, NPV, in the Definition of a variable by double-clicking it.
  2. Right click to see the context menu
  3. Select Wiki help on NPV to open the wiki page with a full description and examples:
Select function name, open right-click menu, and select Wiki help

Open Object view for a function from Definition menu

From the Definition menu (if your cursor is not inside a Definition), select any function or system variable to open its Object window, and see its Description. If you want more details, click on the blue wiki help link at the end of the Description, for example:

Definition menu and submenu.jpg

It opens an Object window looking like this:

Object view for Factorial function.jpg

Click the blue link Wiki help on Factorial(...) to open its wiki page.

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